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Sometimes its good to work in a restaurant.


One of the best things about the Tomato Head is the free shift meal…. this is Benton’s bacon, andouille sausage, chicken, garlic and red pepper pizza…. OK enough talk .time to eat


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It takes a Working Man, to sing a Working Song

Just a quickie today..here are some shots of the kitchen I run. It’s old and run down in places, and I am not talking about Lindathecook, pictured making pizzas. She is actually a cousin of mine, which we didn’t know and had never met until I took the job. notice the “vintage”styling of our 35+ year old stand mixer. The kitchen and dining hall are housed in a building that used to be a gymnasium and it even has the original parquet flooring..or Parkay or parquae, I’m not really sure how to spell it. Looks like the old Boston Gardens’ floor that Bird and the Chief used to trod upon, if that helps you. Anyway, hopefully I will sneaking¬† in some more blog time into my schedule, so keep your eyes open and your ears turned on. Or any other body parts you wish to keep turned on. or open for that matter, really


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