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Poster Collection: Day Seven….Some Goooood Stuff

I remember when I was in 5th grade we moved from Alcoa out to the county area known as Binfield.  I was put into Binfield Elementary and immediately started getting into trouble, mostly for being too smart. The most memorable was when we were starting simple division, FOR THE FIRST TIME<that’s right, “we” were just starting to learn division at the end of the 5th grade year.  At Alcoa we had been learning this, oh I don’t know, the WHOLE DAMN TIME we were in school, so I had a wee bit of a head start/ Let me say this, I am not making fun of anyone who went to county schools, but more so the schools themselves.

Anywho, the question posed to the class was “what is 9 divided by 3?” Well I answered it immediately and was quickly admonished and ushered out of the classroom, aka a trailer, at which point I was whooped with a paddle. Ahhhh, the good old days when you could hit kids with a large stick! The same teacher also paddled everyone in the class for being too loud at lunch one day. Every single kid, even the quiet ones. You know, spare the rod, spoil the child kind of thing. The same teacher also sent home a pamphlet warning us of the impending Rapture. My rather liberal parents didn’t care too much for that, and I thought it was laughable at best.

The only thing they could do after that was to make me sit in with the 8th graders during class so I didn’t get too bored.

Hey look posters!


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Poster Collection: Day Five(ish)

So the other day i was thinking about when I was traveling with a children’s theater/magic show/juggling act kind of thing when I was 20 years old. I went all around a chunk of this country, a little bit of Canada and Mexico for a day. It was overwhelming really, as I had not been outside of good ol Tennessee that much. So many different cultures in such a short time, as we were often in a town for only a few hours before moving to the next show. I spent a week of vacation in Glenn Dive , Montana, mostly drinking beer and watching Bugs Bunny cartoons. I really want to revisit that little town.

Anywho, here are some more posters. We have entered the rolled up ones, so you may see a bit of the plexiglass i am using to hold them down while photographing them…Enjoy and , as always, feel free to offer huge sums of money for anything posted!

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