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Grilled Cheese Pretzels?!?!?!

This is another chapter in my book “I’m Lovin’ This Panini Grill Thingy.” It goes like this:

It was a dark and stormy night. Iwashungry ad raided the freezer, finding a tucked away box of SuperPretzels from the grocer’s freezer section. These are hot pretzels with a little salt packet that you pop into the oven for a minute or two and then dip in cheese or mustard ranch dressing mixed with hot sauce. ANyway, i took two of the suckers, stuck a piece of cheese in between them and tucked them gently in to the Bad Assed Panini Grill Thingy. The results were, to say the least, munch-i-licious.  Like a grilled cheese, but with more salt. Needless to say, they went rather well with a cold adult beverage. I reckon one could make this without the Bad Assed Panini Grill Thingy, but that would just be stupid.


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Blackened Chicken Wrap with Spinach, Vintage Cheddar and Baconaisse

I came home from a morning of muddy disc golfin’ with a powerful hunger and whipped up this little sandwich thingy. Used the oddest ingredient there i s, Baconnaise, which is bacon flavored mayonnaise. I also used the blackened chicken breast, some vintage Australian cheddar, organic baby spinach,  and a little diced tomato all wrapped up in some lavesh flat-bread. Very filling and yummy. and healthy and helping me to forget that i freaking 5 putted from 15 feet away today and threw my favorite new driver into the lake, where it floated just beyond reach. Anyway, at least it was a nice sunny day, unseasonably warm and completely free of rabid spider monkeys.


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