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Box Lunch Menu for the week fo June 14th

Foster’s for Lunch is up and running and taking our first orders for next week. Call 382-1822 or go to our facebook page to order. please try to have orders in no later than 10 AM the day off, the day before would be even better. This will help ensure everything ois fresh and stays affordable.Here is your menu of wonderful choices:

All sandwiches are 6 bucks and served with one side item of your choice, all homemade: potato salad, pesto pasta salad, corn relish and spinach, chips and salsa or seasonal fruit salad. Sides by themselves are 1.50 

Bottled water or 12 ounce Cokes are  75 cents

1: honey roasted ham, egg salad, roasted sweet peppers, lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat roll

2. roasted turkey breast, benton’s bacon, baby spinach, roasted onion, tomato, avocado, provolone cheese and herbed mayo served in a whole wheat wrap or sourdough hoagie bun

3. pimento cheeze, benton’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, fresh basil and optional roasted jalapeno served on thick whole wheat bread

4. whole wheat pits stuffed with humus, baby spinach, olives, tomato, cucumbers, red onion and a feta cheese viniagrette

5. tuna salad, mixed baby greens,  sun dried tomato pesto, artichokes and swiss cheese on rye bread

6.thin sliced pork loin, red cabbage and apple vinegar slaw, baby spinach,Dijon  mustard and cheddar cheese

7. benton’s bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on whole wheat bread

8.  the big ole salad: mixed greens, spinach, tomato, cucumber, onions, roasted sweet peppers, artichoke, benton’s bacon, cheddar cheese, hard boiled eggs, croutons and walnuts…served with herbed buttermilk dressing

9. any sandwich can also be made in to a salad!!! salads do not come with sides!

dressings…herbed buttermilk, italian, honey mustard and blue cheese

not bad for 6 bucks huh? and of course we can customize your order to your liking…FREE DELIVERY IN MARYVILLE AND ALCOA WITH A MINIMUM 10 BOX ORDER, OTHER WISE 3 DOLLAR DELIVERY FEE…no minimum on pickup orders….



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Menu for April the 28th at Southland Books

Here is the menu for our upcoming dinner next Thursday, April the 28th in Maryville, TN

I would love the comments, both good bad and crazy…I am excited about the dinner and really think its going to go a lot smoother than last time. Thanks in advance for your constructive criticism/opinionated rants

Dinner at Southland

part Two Steamed and chilled shrimp and snapper marinated in tomatoes, roasted peppers and onions, fresh herbs and lime juice, served with chips 10.00

Smoked chicken wings with a sweet and spicy glaze Served with carrot sticks and herbed buttermik dressing 8.00

Baby portabella caps stuffed with artichokes, spinach, feta cheese, roasted garlic and fresh bread crumbs 8.00

The Southland Sandwich, part deux: Cuban bread stuffed with Roasted pork loin, smoked turkey, roasted peppers, spinach, purple cabbage slaw, garlic and cilantro oil, Swiss cheese…add bacon for an additional charge(.75)…served with chips 8.50

The Salad: Fresh spring greens, cilantro, red onions, toasted spiced walnuts, carrots, red cabbage, tomatoes and broccoli. Served with a Honey Lime Viniagrette 6.00

The Soup: Curried African Groundnut Stew…(peanuts, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, onions, hot peppers, veggie stock, etc) with Toasted nuts and fresh herbed cream 4.00 bowl, 2.50 cup

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with a Moonshine BBQ glaze, served with Chorizo Rice and Beans 12.00

Duck Taquitos served with Chorizo Rice and Beans 10.00

Grilled Venison Meatballs served over a bed of penne pasta and veggies with Spicy Southwestern Tomato Sauce, with garlic toast points 10.00

Vintage Cheddar Cheese and Apple Stuffed Dessert Taquitos 6.50

Chocolate Mini Cakes with Snickers Sauce and Ice Cream 6.00

Jalapeno and Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie 2.00


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