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Southland Dinner is in the Books

Well we pulled it off. The dinner last night at Southland Books in Maryville, Tennessee was a success. It went smoother than our first attempt, we had a good crowd, and everyone seemed to leave happy, or at the very least the were nice enough to keep any whining to themselves. I started cooking my buns off around 9 in the morning, and finally hung it up around 10:30 with the occasional sanity saving game on Mario Kart on the Wii. I don’t know why, but nothing relaxes me more than playing Mario Kart and listening to the news on NPR which probably means I’m some kind of left wing, stimulation hound who can only block out the raging voices in his head by replacing them with computerized squawks and beeps and droning politicos waxing poetic in his ear. Or something like that. The only bad note is I woke up feeling a little puny, as they say around here, so I am going to head back to the bed and let the immune system do its thing, cause I have a long weekend ahead of me. I did manage to click a few pics this time, but most of them were blurry and awful but I picked out a couple that y’all might take a liking to.



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Menu for April the 28th at Southland Books

Here is the menu for our upcoming dinner next Thursday, April the 28th in Maryville, TN

I would love the comments, both good bad and crazy…I am excited about the dinner and really think its going to go a lot smoother than last time. Thanks in advance for your constructive criticism/opinionated rants

Dinner at Southland

part Two Steamed and chilled shrimp and snapper marinated in tomatoes, roasted peppers and onions, fresh herbs and lime juice, served with chips 10.00

Smoked chicken wings with a sweet and spicy glaze Served with carrot sticks and herbed buttermik dressing 8.00

Baby portabella caps stuffed with artichokes, spinach, feta cheese, roasted garlic and fresh bread crumbs 8.00

The Southland Sandwich, part deux: Cuban bread stuffed with Roasted pork loin, smoked turkey, roasted peppers, spinach, purple cabbage slaw, garlic and cilantro oil, Swiss cheese…add bacon for an additional charge(.75)…served with chips 8.50

The Salad: Fresh spring greens, cilantro, red onions, toasted spiced walnuts, carrots, red cabbage, tomatoes and broccoli. Served with a Honey Lime Viniagrette 6.00

The Soup: Curried African Groundnut Stew…(peanuts, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, onions, hot peppers, veggie stock, etc) with Toasted nuts and fresh herbed cream 4.00 bowl, 2.50 cup

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with a Moonshine BBQ glaze, served with Chorizo Rice and Beans 12.00

Duck Taquitos served with Chorizo Rice and Beans 10.00

Grilled Venison Meatballs served over a bed of penne pasta and veggies with Spicy Southwestern Tomato Sauce, with garlic toast points 10.00

Vintage Cheddar Cheese and Apple Stuffed Dessert Taquitos 6.50

Chocolate Mini Cakes with Snickers Sauce and Ice Cream 6.00

Jalapeno and Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie 2.00


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Driving in the Smoky Mountains, Townsend Tennessee Style

Long days at work are wearing me down. It makes me want to write like a POW in a bad movie. Food is bad. Mosquitos are vicious. Water is tainted with “Tab” and Prozac. Only recourse is to drive around and do recon. The camera provides coverage from the snipers. I’m just another damn tourist with a straw hat and tacky shorts. white socks and black sandals. a five o’clock shadow and a polyester smile. and maybe every once in a while a gold tooth flashes through the fog, lighting the way for the blind masses yearning to be Fred.

Don’t Ask, just look at the pictures. They are purty.

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It takes a Working Man, to sing a Working Song

Just a quickie are some shots of the kitchen I run. It’s old and run down in places, and I am not talking about Lindathecook, pictured making pizzas. She is actually a cousin of mine, which we didn’t know and had never met until I took the job. notice the “vintage”styling of our 35+ year old stand mixer. The kitchen and dining hall are housed in a building that used to be a gymnasium and it even has the original parquet flooring..or Parkay or parquae, I’m not really sure how to spell it. Looks like the old Boston Gardens’ floor that Bird and the Chief used to trod upon, if that helps you. Anyway, hopefully I will sneaking  in some more blog time into my schedule, so keep your eyes open and your ears turned on. Or any other body parts you wish to keep turned on. or open for that matter, really


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It’s Alive!!!!

Despite popular rumors and intense wishing on my part, I have not fallen off of the face of the earth. Rather I have fallen in to an endless cycle of work, try to stay awake for a few hours, sleep, then repeat. My days off have been few and far between, much like the teeth of a wayward Irishman, but i digress into racial stereotypes based upon the nationality of my wife’s first and now ex-husband. As you may or may not know, I cook for a living as well as for fun and sustenance, and nothing will ruin your appetite and desire to be all “cheffy” as much as cranking out food morning, noon and night. I have eaten one complete meal in the last few weeks, and it was on my birthday, so I had to sit down and eat. When I am this busy in the kitchen at work , my normal grub is a plain sandwich or some kind of or a bite or two or the kid’s leftovers, or, even better, ANYTHING that SOMEONE else has cooked. I don’t care what or where it came from, as long as I didn’t have to make it, I’ll eat it and like it or shut the hell up.

Sooooooooooooooooo, anywho. Here are some pictures I took today while on my break at work. The drive to and fro is probably one of the best benefits I get from my employment. That and a sore back.


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