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Steveishungry Goes Country! well, more country

Well folks, despite setbacks life goes on and that means Steveishungry will be Popping Up this month at Southland Books and Coffeeshop, back open under old management. The menu this time will pay homage to the Southern heritage I have at times tried my hardest to escape from, but which i now embrace wholly…sooo here is the rough draft for dinner on January 19th…call lisa at 984-4847 or , even better, sign up on facebook to attend the event…


Pulled Pork and Purple Haze Slaw wrapped up in flour tortillas and grilled, served with moonshine peach dippin’ sauce

Sweetwater Vintage Cheddar and Scallion Biscuits with local honey butter

Benton’s Bacon and Sweetwater Valley Gouda stuffed Tater Skins

House Salad :By Greens with  Avocado Buttermilk Dressing, Benton’s bacon, Pico de Gallo and Fresh Croutons

Zesty Beer Cheese and Potato Soup with Corn Bread Mini Muffins


Locally Sourced Meatloaf with Portabella Gravy, served on a bed of Real Mashed Taters and one side item

Grilled Chicken Cordon Blue made with Benton’s prosciutto and Sweetwater Valley, and Moonshine Peach BBQ sauce, served on a bed of rice with one side item

Shrimp, Benton’s Bacon and Avocado Panini with Spinach, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Sweetwater Valley Cheese served with one side item

Grilled Portabella, Spinach and Swiss Cheese French Dip served with    one side


Mashed taters, with or without gravy

Fried Corn, creamy and wholesome

Green Beans, chock full of garlic and bacon

BBQ Baked Beans, secret recipe!

5 Cheese Mac and Cheese


Banana Pudding

Whatever Else My Aunt Wants to Make


Well, there you go….I’m hungry just thinking about it…Prices will be more than reasonable, especially considering the quality of the local ingredients we’re going to use. This will be probably my best menu yet, methinks….This is the kind of food i can really put my self into..not literally of course, that would be gross.


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Photographs…not the Def Leppard song, though, sorry

Ok, I know the song is actually Photograph, singular not plural with the s. Deal with it. That’s how I roll.

Anyway, I got a new phone that does coooool things like take pictures and keep me organized and let’s me play scrabble while driving down I-40 at 85 miles per hour. So look with your eyeholes and leave comments with your fleshy letter poking hand sticks

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Thai Shrimp and Mushroom Soup, Unauthentic Style

Made something healthy for the Missus this evening and realized i can cook without bacon or cheese! Who knew? So, anyway, this turned into a hearty meal, chock full of yummy goodness and incredibly healthy and yummy. I’ll even try to make up a recipe for you.


I started off by sauteeing about 1/2 cup each of diced red onion and red pepper until they were softened, med-low heat

Then i added 3 cloves of minced garlic and about 20 chopped up mushrooms, allowing them to sweat just a little

I followed that up with a whole carton of Thai natural vegan friendly stock from Wegmans. Here is a link to it and other fine prodcuts



Anyway, i also added a little pineapple chili sauce , a pinch of turmeric for color and a touch of sushi vinegar and brought it all to a roaring boil

Then i added a good handful of peeled shrimp and let it cook for another 5 minutes or so until the shrimp was cooked through. I served it on a bed of whole grain rice and fresh raw spinach with a few fresh sprigs of cilantro. The Missus ate it up in a matter of moments and pronounced it good. The Hungryboys swore they would never even try it, no m atter what i threatened them with. O well. Dig the pics and make some soup! If it doesn’t turn out just right, its just a different kind of soup, that’s all.  Also, see how shitty these pictures look??? I need a new camera!! Please send cash or money order or just a new damn Camera!!!



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Simple Tater Soup

I broke out the new porcelain coated cast iron dutch oven and made some freaking awesome potato soup. Bacon , onion, garlic, taters, water, cream and salt and pepper. 8 ingredients and it tastes like a million  bucks, especially since its been cold and yucky here. As usual, i can’t share the recipe, cuz i didn’t use one, BUT i will tell you what i did kind of

chop 4-5 pieces of bacon…i used uncured, nitrate free bacon…slowly cook bacon over med-low heat, preferably in your fancy ass new porcelain coated cast iron dutch oven

finely chop one onion, i used white, and mince 2-4 cloves of garlic

remove bacon from bad ass dutch oven and drain, add knob of butter to pot

add onion and garlic to bacon fat and butter yumminess..try not to drool over the aroma

peel and chop your taters, about 1/4 inch cubes..add to the pot when the onions are translucent and “sweaty”

cover with water, cover the pot and increase the heat to medium…cook until the taters are tender but not much, around 10-15 minutes, depending on how you cut your taters

when taters are done, add 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of cream or milk

generously salt and pepper to taste…then add some more pepper, you wimp and return the bacon to the pot, reserving some for topping the soup

serve garnished with cheese, scallions and bacon, or whatever the hell you like on your potato soup…i think a glob of nice thick guacamole goes well with this or most any soup…this is such a good and simple potato soup…it doesn’t taste froo-froo or have any exotic ingredients…it is just yummy

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