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One of the Best Songs Ever…Period!

if you don’t like this, you’re just plain dumb, but if you don’t know who it is, i reckon i forgive you. This is John Hartford, one of my dad’s favorites and one of the best reasons to watch Hee-Haw, outside of Archie Campbell of course. He wrote funny songs, wry songs, goofy songs and some very beautiful and moving ones as well. He could play anything with string and made darn fine washing machine noises. If you ain’t listened to him much, do us both a favor: Shoot Kenny Chesney in the face on your way to the record store to pick up Steam Powered Aeroplane.


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Japanese Blockprints up for Auction!


These lovely works of art make were found at a rummage sale and purchased for 110 Amurican dollars. My silent partner and I researched them thoroughly and finally decided to send them to auction at Case Antiques in Knoxville, TN. The quality of these prints is amazing: the colors are crisp and bright, the woman on the boat is particularly nice , i think. And the two smaller prints, which are matted are almost 60’s style, especially the figures in front of the temples. They almost remind me of a classic Chuck Jones cartoon, in the most sincerely flattering manner. They are part of an auction of almost 900 pieces ranging from Anna Catherine Wiley to Evidence use in the case of  James Earl Ray. I plan on attending the auction in person, if they will let po’folk in, where i will sit on my hands and make no gestures of any kind. Our woodblock prints already have 5 bids in , although i’m not totally sure how the silent bid thing works, but I assume having bids before the auction starts is probably a good thing. Check it out and pass it on, if’n you would…>

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Children and Church

After reading a friend’s blog this morning about her son asking for proof of god, I started thinking about the whole concept of people taking their young children to church. As some of you may or may not know, I am an unapologetic atheist,  and while I do respect others right to believe and worship as they see fit, by no means do i give their beliefs any credence or hold them any more sacred than any other fairy tales. So, I am truly baffled and a little shocked at the whole idea of asking a 4, 5, 6 or year old child( or younger or older) to build the foundation of his personal worldview based upon one-sided information full of leaps of faith. Santa Claus, the ToothFairy, the Easter Bunny and the Holy Trinity all make the same amount  of logical sense. Sure kids jump on the bandwagon, but they also check under the bed for the boogieman. Plus they are also in a position where mimicking their parents wins approval, while asking tough questions about their teachings is looked down upon as being disrespectful or rude. It really seems like nothing more than indoctrination of ones beliefs into one who doesn’t have the ability to comprehend the issue at hand. If someone taught their kids to believe that Green Jello Monsters lived on the Moon and someday would come and save the Earth, people would think they are insane and call protective services. Its like  the documentaries on the Klan when they show little kids in robes parroting their parents racism: most folks look upon that as spreading malicious beliefs to children, but only because most folks disagree with those beliefs. I say, ;et your kids decide for themselves what they want to believe and do so at an age when the children can think for themselves a little bit more and aren’t ready to adapt fairy tales as a personal belief system

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Homer Erotic?!

as i approach 41 years of age and actively rear my 3rd child, i have come to a startling observation: Homer Simpson is NOT meant to be a realistic role model for fatherhood. 


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I Like Drarwings

i’ve got a neat little app for my phone that allows me to finger sketch with different brush effects…itt is my go to time killer, and here are some of the results….there are more somewhere on my phone, and i will dig them up if i can, but enjoy these, if you will

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sometimes i just like to think. i like to open my eyes so wide my eyelids scream in protest and i look like a ventriloquist’s dummy. i like to squeeze life’s lemon juice into my third eye and relish the acidic burn. there has always been a fascinating attraction to the absurd and irrational, the off-beat and off-hand. the faint rumours found as the mingling voices of strangers fall into line, recreating a desperate indigenous march off a cliff of disney’s desire… god save walt’s popcicle of a brain…and be warned, although it is red, it is not cherry flavored, or even cheery flavored, it tastes like funk. funk warmed over….over what i have no idea



SOME questions are better left unasked, so long as no answers are questioned

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Steveishungry Goes Country! well, more country

Well folks, despite setbacks life goes on and that means Steveishungry will be Popping Up this month at Southland Books and Coffeeshop, back open under old management. The menu this time will pay homage to the Southern heritage I have at times tried my hardest to escape from, but which i now embrace wholly…sooo here is the rough draft for dinner on January 19th…call lisa at 984-4847 or , even better, sign up on facebook to attend the event…


Pulled Pork and Purple Haze Slaw wrapped up in flour tortillas and grilled, served with moonshine peach dippin’ sauce

Sweetwater Vintage Cheddar and Scallion Biscuits with local honey butter

Benton’s Bacon and Sweetwater Valley Gouda stuffed Tater Skins

House Salad :By Greens with  Avocado Buttermilk Dressing, Benton’s bacon, Pico de Gallo and Fresh Croutons

Zesty Beer Cheese and Potato Soup with Corn Bread Mini Muffins


Locally Sourced Meatloaf with Portabella Gravy, served on a bed of Real Mashed Taters and one side item

Grilled Chicken Cordon Blue made with Benton’s prosciutto and Sweetwater Valley, and Moonshine Peach BBQ sauce, served on a bed of rice with one side item

Shrimp, Benton’s Bacon and Avocado Panini with Spinach, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Sweetwater Valley Cheese served with one side item

Grilled Portabella, Spinach and Swiss Cheese French Dip served with    one side


Mashed taters, with or without gravy

Fried Corn, creamy and wholesome

Green Beans, chock full of garlic and bacon

BBQ Baked Beans, secret recipe!

5 Cheese Mac and Cheese


Banana Pudding

Whatever Else My Aunt Wants to Make


Well, there you go….I’m hungry just thinking about it…Prices will be more than reasonable, especially considering the quality of the local ingredients we’re going to use. This will be probably my best menu yet, methinks….This is the kind of food i can really put my self into..not literally of course, that would be gross.

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