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The World Famous Roadside Cafe

This is the World Famous Roadside Cafe and it is possibly one of the finer BBQ joints i have encountered. It is on state highway 70 in Roane County and is unassuming, to say the least. The parking lot is usually full, and parking can be confusing. The place is for 21 years and over, which means you can smoke while you eat, or eat while you smoke. I do not smoke, for the record, but i do like eating in a place void of Teenagers and children. When you walk in the door you instantly feel like a bit of an outsider and the bar has been populated with the same fellows every time i have visited. It is, to be honest, not the most welcoming place. It took a handful of drive-bys to gather the gumption to go in and I would not recommend sitting at the bar unless invited, which has not happened to me yet. I do recommend eavesdropping on the waves of conversation wafting from the regulars at the bar. They talk of local politics and sports, national politics and sports, and then some more politics and sports, plus a smattering of gossip and flirtatious comments aimed at the very attractive bartender. Above the bar is either sports or Fox news on the big screen, both of which are easy to turn into background chatter. The place is small, sitting maybe 25 people, including the seats at the exclusive bar. Prices are very reasonable with my pork sandwich with beans and a pint of Sammy Adams being only 8 bucks and change. The portions are large without being absurd. The beans are unbelievable and are what really drew me into this place. They are spicy with a touch of sweetness, chunks of peppers and onions and big hunks of spicy Italian sausage, all in a nice sauce, not to thick or tomatoey. I have tried the ribs, which are wonderfully smoked, then grilled to serve with their house-made BBQ sauce. They also make some BBQ nachos, Frito pies, homemade chili, great looking burgers, etc etc etc. Simple menu, not too pricey and well made. What more could you ask for, really? This place has become my favorite place to fuel up for a round of disc golf at Roane County Park, and is really a nice slice of the local flavors, both


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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies…ummm I mean brownies

I’m not normally much of a baker but i found a great recipe for Double Peanut Chocolate Chip Cookies on the back of a bag of peanut butter chips, A.K.A. super delicioso rabbit turds from heaven…So, I assembled my ingredients like a good little baker and went about following the carefully laid out directions, something i Rarely do…somewhere around this point in time however, my absentminded self starting following directions for some Peanut Butter and Chocolate chip Brownies on the OTHER bag of Milk Chocolate chips, A.K.A. crazy awesome chunks of mana from the lord’s beard after a long day at the yummy mines…Soooooooo, i wound up making brownies by mistake and didn’t figure it out until it came time to spread the batter in the brownie tray, which it mentioned in step one…this is why i am not much of a baker…to be honest, these sucked…not sure when i switched recipes, but they came out of the pan like supersweet roofing tiles or hockey pucks covered in way too many chips…do not make this dish…good pictures though

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