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Photographs…not the Def Leppard song, though, sorry

Ok, I know the song is actually Photograph, singular not plural with the s. Deal with it. That’s how I roll.

Anyway, I got a new phone that does coooool things like take pictures and keep me organized and let’s me play scrabble while driving down I-40 at 85 miles per hour. So look with your eyeholes and leave comments with your fleshy letter poking hand sticks


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Mexican Corn Bread Stuffed with Deviled Eggs and Bacon

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while and tried a test run tonight of Mexican Corn Bread Stuffed with Deviled Eggs. I took some serious short cuts, but they still turned out pretty darn tasty, although the pictures did not. Basically i made some deviled eggs with thai chili mayo and bacon mixed into the yolks, folks. Then I tried to make little dough balls of mexican corn bread(from a mix) wth some cheese added to it, but it di not want to stick to the eggs, soo i wiped out a little bit of the bacon grease in the still hot cast iron skillet, threw a big ol’ spoon fulls of the corn bread mix into the bacon grease and stuck a deviled egg into the middle of it which was topped with the bread mix, which clings nicely to the top of the deviled eggs. Anyway, after it set for a second i popped the whole thing into the 375 degree oven for 25 minutes and they came out very nicely. I will work on this recipe in the future,as i think it holds promise, which is almost as nice as holding the door for an old lady. Next time around i will make the corn bread from scratch and try a muffin tin, and I may also move the bacon to the outside of the whole thing. It could be chopped up raw and covered in some brown sugar and chipotle chili flakes then spinkled on top of the muffins before cooking….that would work!! no one is allowed to do that yet. Ignore this post!!! Do not share this idea or make it and take cool pics and make me look like a weenie!!! Ignore ME


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Cast Iron, man

This is my oven full of cast iron being seasoned, or further seasoned really.  The Steveishungry family has recently done away with all non-stick cookware in favor of old fashioned cast iron. The difference in how they cook is really amazing. I had used cast iron here and there i the past but not as my full time cookware. The evenness of cooking is outstanding! Plus you have a glowing hot weapon ,  f needed. The red porcelain coated one was a gift from my mom and her beau. It is a LaCrusette and it is amazing. You can really tell the difference between it and the Lodge. The smaller ones are no0name brands but still very useful. I think you can tell the age by the amount of crud cooked onto the outside of the pans. The large rectangular casserole dish is new member to the family, being a gift from the missus.  I did receive a “green” non stick pan for Xmas, but it feels like a toy compared to the cast iron. I’ll probably keep it around for cooking eggs and the like, but only begrudgingly

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