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So I stopped in at my local pro shop today, Pluto Sports in lovely West Knoxville Tennessee, and picked up a couple of prototype midranges from Prodigy discs . First of all one disclaimer, I do know the current number one player Will Shusterick ,who is one of the founders of Prodigy. That being said, this mid range is one of the best I have tried in a long long time.
         The m3 is a midrange disc, equivalent to a Discraft Hornet or an  Innova Roc that has been worn in a little bit with the exception that it actually has really good glide. It was able to hold the line I put on , even in  windy conditions and it was able to go straight and come back very consistently. The grip on the plastic is amazing and is honestly very unique feeling. Grippy but not floppy at all.Their easy release technology, or whatever they call it, is also very very well named. The disc seems to want to fly out of my hand, but not in a slippery way. To make a long story short, it is going in the bag.
        Now part of me is a little worried that I may be putting a future collectible into the tree hitting mill that is my golf game, n but I have officially decided to not buy wall hangers anymore. If I pay for it I’m going to throw it. I would recommend this this to anyone and I really think it bodes well for the future of this exciting  new company Prodigy Discs.
Now go get em Will but don’t forget us boys back in Knoxville



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ok, so as many of you may or may not know I am an avid disc golfer. Avid to the point of pissing off my wife and playing while injured. For instance, after being “fixed” for my Christmas gift this year, which is another story alltogether, i decided to go ahead and play a round of disc golf 6 days after surgery. Very, very bad idea. One word for you: grapefruit. ‘Nuff said. ANYWAY, I’ve been thinking about how much better disc golf is than stick or ball golf as we like to call it and I’m going to list Ten of the Numerous Reasons Disc GOlf Kicks Ball Golf’s Ass:

  1. You never have to wash your balls.
  2. No greens fees since most disc golf courses are in public parks, which means more money for beer
  3. The most expensive thing in my golf bag is usually the six pack of beer.
  4. No funny pants or collared shirts. Or shirts at all for that matter. Funny socks are allowed though
  5. At no point in time will you have to worry about your shaft being properly polished
  6. Tiger Woods does not play disc golf
  7. Golf discs make better “trails” than golf balls, or so I’ve heard
  8. I can beat everyone I work with at disc golf.
  9. Disc golf is measure in feet not yards so less walking for Old Fatties like myself
  10. Anyone can play disc golf. My kids, my wife, heck even Matt Garron can play and he is so awkward Manute Bol is his ballet instructor 

I will admit jealousy of two aspects of real golf: Golf carts are funner than hell, especially after a couple of beers brought out to you by young ladies in special BEER CARTS, which are of course the other good thing ball golf has. But other than those two minor items, disc golf wins on every level over its ball obsessed cousinImage


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