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How Jealousy Spurred Me to Make Biscuits

ok, so I guess I am a petty person. The other morning my lovely wife Rachelishungry decided to make some biscuits, and they turned out really nice. Light and fluffy, warm and tasty, just like her! minus the fluffy part of course…In other words her biscuits were the exact opposite of my many attempts at creating biscuits but actually making hockey pucks made of sawdust…I can cook almost anything, but a good biscuit has always eluded me for some reason which I have mentally swept under the kitchen rug for years…but  my wife’s biscuits made me so darn mad at myself i had to one up her and make even better biscuits, and by Jove and bu golly i think i did just that….sorry wifeishungry…i used an old recipe for Angel Biscuits from one of my vintage cookbooks…see, my biscuits were always too flat, like a can of pepsi sitting on the hood of a car in summer or the top of Glenn’s head…but the addition of yeast!?!?!?!?!?!? sounds like sacrilegious jibber jabber, but it sure did work..anyway..i ate one…lisaishungry ate one, catishungry ate one…somerandomladyintheshopishungry ate one…and we all agreed that they were the best biscuits ever made by anyone ever in the history of mankind, including your grandmother!!! yes YOU!!!!!<<<<<warning!!! the previous statement is probably not true in any way shape or form<<<<<<<

anywho, look at the pictures, yo! there’s even some pictures of the book store all up in this mofo!!! maybe even a PICTURE OF SOME POTATOES!!!!! FUDGE YES!!!! word to your mother..peace im out..abc-ya…drop the zero and get with the hero baby!!!!



IMAG0193 IMAG0194 IMAG0195 IMAG0196 IMAG0197 IMAG0198 IMAG0199 IMAG0200 IMAG0201 IMAG0207 IMAG0208 IMAG0209


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I is for “I Want to make Cookies!” A-Z Challenge: Day 9

The letter for today is “I” because its a very self absorbed day which only thinks of itself.  As some of you may or may not know, this is a thing


and I’m a part of that thing. Check out other parts of that thing and join in the conversation, or just troll the comments, whatever floats your proverbial boat or turns your proverbial crank or greases your proverbial gears or puts wind in your proverbial sails or , worst case scenario, puts hair on your proverbial teeth.

Good news is I made cookies! Kind of! I was going for good old fashioned Doo-Doo Cookies, as i like to call them, but you may know them as Chocolate Oatmeal Refrigerator Cookies or No Bake Cookies, but they are in fact Doo-Doo Cookies…just admit it, you like eating doo-doo cookies, its OKAY..its not really poop..anywho

Mental note for all cookie makers…one CUP of butter is TWICE as much as one STICK of butter. That is why this turned into a Doo-Doo Bark instead of Doo-Doo Cookies….again with the doo-doo?!? my word! good lawd! gracious be!

I didn’t have cocoa powder so i used 60% cocoa dark chocolate chunks instead and put some more dark chocolate ships and white chocolate chips on top..sort of like the Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney video for “Say Say Say” one of my favorite 80’s videos/songs..i actually bought some suspenders and an old fashioned cap to mimic MJ in the video which was better than when i had the pleather Thriller jacket, but that is another horrifically awkward story that involves a straw fedora and white linen pants..ANywh0

here’s some pics



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We’ve got Shirts and Annoyed Ramblings!

First off let me say, howdy and happy holidays…or merry christmas or happy kwanza or happy hanaukkah or whatever you choose to say…to be honest i wouldnt celebrate anything in december if it wasn’t for the kiddies, but i’m a crusty bastard soooo…anywho

WE”VE GOT T-SHIRTS!!! now we are officially cool and you can be too! stop by the shop or email me and i can ship one of these beauties world wide!….Now on to the ranting and rambling

here is a short list of things that have been pissing me off lately, insert your own punctuation as needed or desired.

republican debates, goat cheese, the high cost of towels, vaccuum cleaner power cords, power chords, broken strings and rusty things, shipping peanuts that you cannot eat, stale doughnuts, co-pays, computer editing software, unclipped toenails, the inability to throw something in a straight line for ten feet, new charlie brown specials, churches in general, generals in churches, zombies, hipster staches, miller high life and the whole damn state of texas

here are some good things…champion cheetahs, fire, mario kart, baby giggles, screen printing, fire, cheese from 2008, UEFA, basketball, fire, sourdough, long hair, fire, onions and did i mention FIRE?!?!



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Photographs…not the Def Leppard song, though, sorry

Ok, I know the song is actually Photograph, singular not plural with the s. Deal with it. That’s how I roll.

Anyway, I got a new phone that does coooool things like take pictures and keep me organized and let’s me play scrabble while driving down I-40 at 85 miles per hour. So look with your eyeholes and leave comments with your fleshy letter poking hand sticks

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Chocolate and Strawberry Stuffed Biscuits(scones)

This is another sweet treat made from good ol’ refrigerated biscuits, which i love except for the moment when you open them. You push your thumb into the edge of the canister until it pops and it scares me every time. These were smooshed flat and stuffed with strawberries, chocolate chips, butter and a pinch of habanero sauce. They turned out a gooey and delicious, although next time i will add less chocolate and more hot sauce.


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Monkey Bread, kind of, the Easy Way

The entire Hungryfamily is home to celebrate the presidents, although I am not sure why since most of them have been lying cheating thieves, but I took the chance to make some monkey bread-ish contraption out of refrigerated biscuit dough, melted butter, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.  While it was not quite as good as the full bundt pan style monkey bread, it was mighty tasty and took all of 5 minutes to make.  And this is a rarity for me, because i raaaaarely do sweets. I also threw in a picture of brown sugar rubbed bacon getting ready to go into the oven. Dammit i should have put the bacon on top of the monkey bread!!!! Well, as they say, hindsight is 20/20 and I’m nearly going blind. Actually, that was Randy Travis.


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We’ve Got A Gravy Kind of Love

The Hungryboys requested breakfast for dinner tonight, one of our lazier meals and not the healthiest but sure is tasty and expeditious. Anyway, as part of the meal I threw together some super simple sausage gravy, which turned out superb, of course, and thought I would share the secret to perfect sausage gravy, with only 4 ingredients.

Step One…cook sausage( I used all natural Wampler’s from right down the road near Buttermilk Rd on Hwy 70) crumble it as you go. Leave the sausage in the pan. Most gravy recipes tell you to remove it and just use the grease. Well, screw them, that is waaaay to much effort and this method produces better results anyway. Step Two…after all the pink is cooked out of the sausage and you have crumbled it up into nice small bits, sprinkle on a generous quantity of Wondra flour. It is a very fine flour made for gravies and sauces and is almost impossible to clump. It allows for super easy, super simple thickening and doesn’t use any extra fat or corn starch or anything nasty. It is awesome for breading things for frying too, but a little pricey to use too much of. You want to add enough flower until you don’t see “loose” grease in the pan. It will look dusted(see the pic) like a prairie in the valley after a winter snow storm or the mustachio of  a 70’s era porn star turned coke fiend. Cook like this, stirring , for around 5-8 minutes or so to cook the flour.

Step Three…Add some whole milk, stirring constantly, heat on med-low, until desired thickness. If it’s too thin cook a little longer or add a pinch or two of the Wondra , if it’s too thich, add a little more milk. Using whole milk means you don’t have to worry about it scalding as it can handle a little rougher treatment than lower fat products. Plus, you’re eating freaking gravy, some skim milk will not save you or your big ol’ butt. You only live once, right? I’d rather die young stuffed full of gravy than live forever eating steamed veggies .Step Four…put this yumminess on some biscuits and eat! Seriously! Go make this right now, there is no reason not to. The gravy will keep in the fridge for a week or so, unless i am around, in which case it won’t last very long at all.

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