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The Poster Collection: Day Eight

I worked at a little hole in the wall/roach farm/ISS nightmare/underage-beer-provider/ chicken wing and beer joint located on the Strip in the early 90’s named Spicy’s. I worked both in the front and the back of the house at various times and witnessed some kitchen nightmares that would make Gordon Ramsey pee the bed.

As a caveat let me say this: the chicken wings , steak and cheese sammiches, and oriental bbq steak sammiches were ab=so=fucking=lutely deeeeelicious. Most of the recipes came from the original(?) owner, who was Asian. Not sure what part of Asia, but I really only met him once or twice as he rode off to California in his red Corvette( for realsies). The chicken wing sauce was very simple . yet unmatched in all my wing eating travels. The steak and cheeses were simple but fresh cut beef only because it was cheaper to pay someone almost nothing to cut it up than to buy it pre-made. The sauce for the oriental BBQ sammich was a sticky sweet concoction full of ginger and absurd amounts of garlic.  However…..


  • We used to buy whole chicken wings and cut them by hand into the little drummies and 2nd joints. We did this by removing the safety guard from the meat slicer and cutting the severing the wings joints upon the spinning blade of doom. It was hugely effective but terrifying.
  • I saw the owner “allegedly” thaw a case of frozen chicken wings by running them thru the Hobart with the sopa hoses disconnected.
  • Once, to save a buck or two, the owner tried using solid shortening in the fryers. While cleaning it, the shortening overflowed and covered the floor in a congealed mass of discount , off brand crisco.
  • Roaches. Napkin Holders. Use your imagination. Then double that.
  • Gaggles of 17 year olds drunk on 24 ounce can’s of Foster’s, some of Murvill’s best and brightest at the time
  • We once sold 1600 pounds of chicken wings in a single day. This is part of why I really don’t like UT football games. Every Saturday home game is an exercise in torture if you work on the Strip
  • Tables of Vol’s linemen on all-you-can-eat wing nights could consume upwards of 50 poounds of wings per table. The most I saw ever was a skinny dude who ate almost 130 wings.
  • The owner of the building would sell parking spaces on gamedays, pack the cars in like sardines, and then leave. Noone could get out until the “key” cars were moved. Once mine was a “key” car and it was moved by a gang of about 8 guys into the middle of the street.
  • Whiskey. Knives. Hot grease. What could go wrong?

Anywho, here are some posters of sheer awesomeness



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Steak salad with Sri Racha marinade

Here’s some pictures I took while making a nice salad for the Missus…turned out nice, if I may blow my own horn






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December 23, 2012 · 3:56 pm

Photo Bomb!

i hate to admit it, but i love my smartphone…having a nice camera and mp3 player and google searcher and gps and video game system and all around useful thing….sooo anywho, here are some pics from the aforementioned smartphone…dig em with  a shovel y’all!

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Photographs…not the Def Leppard song, though, sorry

Ok, I know the song is actually Photograph, singular not plural with the s. Deal with it. That’s how I roll.

Anyway, I got a new phone that does coooool things like take pictures and keep me organized and let’s me play scrabble while driving down I-40 at 85 miles per hour. So look with your eyeholes and leave comments with your fleshy letter poking hand sticks

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Ribeye and Onions on Fresh Ensalada

This little salad d’jour was for Missussteveishungry, who is with child as they used to say. So, she gets plenty of fresh veggies, calcium and protein, all of which are accounted for in the grilled ribeye and onions on a salad of romaine, spinach, provolone cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms with a basil balsamic vinaigrette.


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Simple Lunch for a Simple Mind

For lunch today, I whipped up some steak fajita tacos for the Missus. Nothing special, just what you would expect in a taco.  I keep being amazed how good simple food can be! If you use quality ingredients, the most mundane dishes can become sublime. My good friend and BBQ trekking companion, Garyishungry, recently recounted a tale of his encounter with the theory of simple elegance in the form of a BLT.  He told of how he had decided to try a BLT from a small food vendor at the local farmers market, somehow passing up a BBQ stand. Freakin’ infidel! Anyway, he had to wait for about 10 minutes for his sandwich, and he is not known as Garyispatient. However, upon receiving and scarfing the sandwich down, he realized why he had to wait so long. The bacon was hot and cooked perfectly, and happened to be world renowned Benton’s Bacon from right here in East TN, just down the road on hwy 411. The tomatoes were freshly sliced and locally grown Grainger county tomatoes, which if you ain’t has a Grainger county tomato, then you haven’t had a real tomato. The lettuce was also local, but how excited can one get about lettuce, except maybe a tad flushed at the sound of a crisp crunch. The bread had been baked that morning, and the mayo was homemade using local eggs and quality oil. He knows all this because he felt compelled to compliment the vendor and inquire more about them. A 5 ingredient sandwich made a loyal customer out of Garyishungry and may have even forced him to chill out a little bit about having to wait. Dammit , now i really want some Benton’s bacon!!!


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Steak and Beans and Fried chicken in a pita

nothing fancy tonight for dinner…the chicken pitas were good, even had a little cucumber mayonnaise since we had no yogurt for tzaki sauce…the beans are still cooking, hour or so to go….you want recipes for these?

recipe one: fry chicken…put on sandwich…eat…..consult any basic cookbook or grandmother on how to fry chicken

recipe two….cook some meat and some veggies…add beans and some BBQ sauce, brown sugar, mustard, garlic, or whatever you want…cook for a looong time, i let mine go for 3-4 hours, covered in a low oven

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