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Cazzy’s Corner: The Good, The Bad and The Meh

Greetings all from the foothills of lovely Tennessee! Once again my oddly indignant sense of self importance has urged me to share my thoughts with you, the glorious reader, so I will regale you with the details of dinner one night not too long ago. 

It all started with the coupon book i gave the missus for christmas. Yep, i gave my wife coupons. Its a local restaurant passport of sorts with coupons and places for stamps to earn rewards and stuff and it came from the Metro Pulse and went to a charity that sounded awesome at the time although i now cannot recall what charity that is. 

Anyway, we thumbed thru the passport and landed on Cazzy’s Corner just off of Northshore by the Pellissippi parkway. Here’s their website   http://cazzyscorner.com/  It is literally on a corner so i like that. Corners are much more intersreting that curves, unless its lady lumps of course. 

Anyway, THE GOOD: here are bullet points of the good.

  • very polite and friendly hostesses. there were like 3 or 4 of them i so we were well hosted
  • immediate seating. essential when the 2 year old is in tow, which she was
  • TV’s and football galore albeit it was playoff NFL time and the Vols were playing b-ball. could be a bad for some but i like the sports on the talkie box
  • crispy chicken wings cooked just right, albeit a little undersauced. i like using the word “albeit”
  • 2 dollar pints of local beer #SawWorksChocolatePorter is that how the hashtag thing works? we used to play hashtag in college but it was a completely different game. not really, college is for suckers.
  • my steak was yummy and cooked well…not well done but done well
  • the mac and cheese: it seemed like they avoid the normal mac and cheese nastiness of precooked and held warm mushiness and used cooked noodles and a cheese sauce either freshly made or , at least, heated to order. it was very good. and i don;t really like mac and cheese. or cornbread. or sweet tea. yet somehow I was born in Tennessee so go figure. GO FIGURE IT OUT NOW I SAY! <off topic, sorry

and now here comes the BAD…(insert scary music here please HAL)

  • one of the missuses side items was mashed sweet potato(e)s…they were served completely cold, as in “not warmed up at all” or “oops i forgot to nuke this” cold not “141 degrees is warm enough” cold or “i heated them too soon and they sat there for five minutes” cold
  • the sliders my son got were, im assuming supposed to be like homemade krystals? they were thin and dry and the cheese looked awkward. put it this way: my son is almost 11, he is in the middle of a growth spurt and the onset of puberty, he can eat 4-5 servings of spaghetti, and he only ate ONE SLIDER, and he didn’t enjoy it very much…my question is this: why try to mimic a krystal burger? ..he did love the mac and cheese though
  • 2 dollar kid drink with a 5 dollar kids meal for a 2 year old is a little steep. 
  • no booths, only tables. 2 year olds can be corralled in a booth. disregard this point if no 2 year olds are dining with


and FINALLY, the Meh!

  • my mashed potato(e)s were probably really good when the were first made, but had gotten starchy and a little discolored from sitting. we were there around 7:00 on a saturday so i would expect them to be fresh
  • the atmosphere was a little sports-bar-esque..albeit it is playoff season so i understand…i may change my name to Al Beit
  • the plates were all rectangles…im very anti-shapism..i think of square plates as trays really
  • took way too long to get a spoon….what does the Tick say? SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!


So overall, on a scale on one to ten i would give it a sports bar. Or maybe a 7.  However I will also come back during a non-playoff-induced-frenzy time and see if the freshness of the food served keeps pace with the quality of it. I think the concpet and the recipes are sound and tasty as well as tasty and sound. Its also right next to a disc golf course which is always a plus in my book. You’ve read my book haven’t you? Its called “I Know Why the Caged Bird Poops”…its a pop-up book that teaches a lesson about caring for each other and the importance of friendship while enticing readers with the uplifting story of an orphans rise to the top of a brutal underground fighting league. and poop of course.


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