food…and more food

so…i have discovered the “depth of field ” setting on my phone and i feel like a bone-a-fide photographer-kind-of-dude—-i know its lazy but it still looks kind of neat-o..that’s right i said neat-o…..crazy busy day at the shop today…i got attaked by a giant fireball coming forth from our komado style grill!!! Its like a big green egg but its red..and it came from ther price is right…for realsies, yo…i assumed the ghost of Bob Barker tried to “know it biblically”…is he dead? dear lord i hope not..and what’s up with skinny Drew Carey anyway? its not right..makes the rest of us fatties look lazy… burnt off most of the hair on the inside of my left arm!!! it was like Mario was all pissed off and I was a koopa or whatever the fuck those little turtle looking bastages were called…fargin inceholes!!!  seriously!!! when was the last time anyone watched Johnny Dangerously!?!?!? Joe Piscapo was a comic freaking genius for at least once…my grandmother was a comic freaking genius once..ONCE….anyway, look at this food..come buy some food from me…bring mr shiny things or old fashioned boxing style posters or at least a wheat penny…or maybe a remote..and this ping pong paddle..wait, what?? SQUIRREL!!!!


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