A-Z day 4..D is for Doodle


Well folks , the A-Z challenge here at the blog is up to the letter D..,, and I was feeling kinda lazy….. but I did something kind of special. Today D is for doodle …..look at this one…. I did it… worship it… offer me money for it…. comment… Google A-Z Challenge 2014 and please read some of the fine blogs listed there



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3 responses to “A-Z day 4..D is for Doodle

  1. I do like your doodle – doodle is a good word for me, I own a doodle, Lola, she is my assistance dog, and the finest doodle in the world. You may worship her also, if you wish.
    Liz – my A-Z = http://www.lizbrownleeoet.com (animal facts and poems, and stuff about my assistance dog.)

  2. suziretzlaff

    I have to say, your doodles are much more intricate than mine. Plus mine only take like seconds to draw. And I’m pretty sure this one of yours took much longer.

    As much as I wish I was an artist, I’m just not.

    • i used to be much more OCD in my doodling..now its more of a time waster than an attempt at art, but it sure does relax me…id love to see some of your doodles..i just love the word doodles i think

      love that word too

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