A-Z Blog Challenge?? Why the heck not

So an old friend of mine is pushing this A-Z blog challenge at http://networkedblogs.com/VtCLK to get the blogosphere more bloggy and spherical, so I thought I would join in on the fun.  I traveled with this Testament-listening-to professional juggler and magician and his family and Noeltheoger 20-some odd years ago putting on a pre-recorded version of Pinnochio for Rotary and Lions clubs all across the US, a little bit of Canada and one fairly drunken day in Nuevo Laredo. Anyway, I”ll go into that in more details some other time..for now though its time for the……..


ok, as some of you know, I have a musical man crush on Tom Waits. I realize he is a polarizing figure for some music buffs, some who hate on his affected gravel-mouthed cookie monster singing voice.  I however find his songs wonderfully diverse and well crafted and the wide gamut of his recordings house an emotional mirror for most any frame of mind. So, here is one of my favorite songs my Mr. Waits, “Innocent When You Dream” Vote for your favorite version in the comments and give me a little idea of why you like one more than the other or maybe rant about blues riffs and Howling Wolf imitations, its really up to you.


So, you’ve got three choices! Why not four? Cause the Man won’t give me another one!

Remember, Vote Early and Vote Often





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3 responses to “A-Z Blog Challenge?? Why the heck not

  1. Arlee Bird

    Good to see you join the Battles and the A to Z. If you didn’t add your blog link to the A to Z list you’ll find it at http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/a-to-z-challenge-sign-uplist-2014.html

    I see you’ve been blogging for a good while and I didn’t even know it! I’ll have to follow your ramblings now. I look forward to some of your road stories. I barely remember that whirlwind tour.

    The Tom Waits battle is a tough one. Especially in the morning. I’ve got to be in the right mood for Waits since his voice can be somewhat grating when I’m not in the mood for him.

    Between these I think I’m going with the final version. The first version had cool instrumentation, but the vocal was particularly grating on this one. The second had a smoother vocal, but the presentation wasn’t quite as good. The last version had the right mix and had a more haunting sound like listening to an old record from the 1930’s or something like that.

    I’ve added you to the Battle of the Bands list so I hope you’ll keep doing these. Be sure especially to visit Stephen T McCarthy at Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends. He co-founded the Battle events and he’s a big Waits fan as well and will probably have something to say about your match-up.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  2. Heard about you from Arlee Bird.

    I am actually a huge Tom Waits fan up through 1982’s soundtrack for ‘ONE FROM THE HEART’ (I consider him the greatest lyricist ever, up to that point but not beyond it). After ‘OFTH’, there are only a very, very small handful of songs of his that I like. I once owned the album ‘Frank’s Wild Years’, and I loved (still do) the song ‘Hang On, Saint Christopher’, but nuttin’ else on that album did I find listenable, which is why I no longer own it.

    In this battle, I think I’ll vote for the second version, the live recording, but mostly only because I found it the least offensive of the three.

    I could vote much more enthusiastically for a lot of Waits’ songs, but they’d need to be pre-’83, before his wife Yoko Ono – er, I mean, Kathleen Brennan – ruined the man’s music (in my opinion).

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  3. I must admit to a love for all eras of tom waits, but i especially like the Rain Dog years or what I call “creepy circus polka”…I prefer the 1st version for its over the top theatrics and the earlier cookie monster..have you listened to any of his latest album Bad As Me? or maybe Alice, an older record…he doesn’t go all gravely and has some really nice imagery in his lyrics…ill post a link or two you might like…

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