Poster Collection: Day Five(ish)

So the other day i was thinking about when I was traveling with a children’s theater/magic show/juggling act kind of thing when I was 20 years old. I went all around a chunk of this country, a little bit of Canada and Mexico for a day. It was overwhelming really, as I had not been outside of good ol Tennessee that much. So many different cultures in such a short time, as we were often in a town for only a few hours before moving to the next show. I spent a week of vacation in Glenn Dive , Montana, mostly drinking beer and watching Bugs Bunny cartoons. I really want to revisit that little town.

Anywho, here are some more posters. We have entered the rolled up ones, so you may see a bit of the plexiglass i am using to hold them down while photographing them…Enjoy and , as always, feel free to offer huge sums of money for anything posted!


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