Oodles of Doodles from The Way Back Machine

I found an old sketchbook of mine from around 15 or so years ago and thought I would share where me noggin was at that time. A little back story: I was working graveyard shift at West Knox News in Knoxville, which is a “bookstore” which also sells “novelties” and “marital aids” and “foot long plastic wienies”. And lots and lots of  wippits…or whippits..or Whipits..not sure of the proper spelling on that…I was also heavy into collecting action figures and other manly toys. I was single and had figured out how to breathe beer instead of normal air. I had no phone of any kind, just a pager with an elaborate series of codes . I lived in  an apartment the size of a walk-in closet: i could literally open the fridge and from my bed while washing my hands in the “bathroom” sink. It was cozy and quaint and had curb side recycling, aka “bums picking up my beer cans i left on the porch”……ANYWHO, this is some of my “art” work from back then…Warning: titties!!!

and i didn’t get tacos yesterday , sorry


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