So Long, Its Also Been Good to Know You. AS well as the previous people i have known

Life is like a good book: You never know the ending and sometimes you lose your place. That doesn’t really have anything to do with what I am trying to say but I like it anyway. I worked my last shift at the Tomatohead Two in Maryville today and it was bittersweet yet uneventful. I got a chance to say goodbye to some of my favorite co-workers, i shall call the Pickles, Wesley Would, JIMMMY!, zack the electronic dude with the funny hat, A.J. the Lazy, Tommy with an H, She Who no Longer Dresses like a Clown, Merder, that Skinny Guy with a Jew Nose and a Whore of a Mom, and all the rest who  i cannot remember right now or think of a clever moniker for, so that was nice. I hugged them and grabbed their fanny if it got close enough and all is well.  I hope the entire staff and heirarchy knows how much i appreciate the chance to have been a part of the party.

And as one freaky door closes, another one opens. I have begun my new job as Executive Chef of Laurel Valley Country Club in Townsend, TN and am in the process of rolling out a new, fresh cooked menu and bringing along the Fabulous Merder to round out an already awesome team. The new digs have so much potential and with some hard work and creativity I really think we can put the place back on the Map. We have the best patio in the county and soon to be amazing homemade food. More info as it comes and a big photo bomb soon….. Thanks one and all for past, present and hopefully future support



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2 responses to “So Long, Its Also Been Good to Know You. AS well as the previous people i have known

  1. Sounds like an amazing career move, lots of potential and a big challenge!
    Good luck with the new job… (looking forward to the photo bomb!)

  2. Heather harris

    Awesome move, Steve. Wish you all if the luck in the world.

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