Birthday Road Trip Ahoy!!!

Good Morning True Believers! As my 41st birthday rapidly approaches, I head out on a two day trek to commemorate myself..perhaps a little narcissistic, no? The main goal is to (disc) golf my way down to Chattanooga with a couple of friends, ScaryGary and MiniKenny. Gary isn’t really scary, just more of a hermit with Marty Feldman crazy eyes, and Mike, aka MiniKenny, looks just like a really small Kenny Loggins. Along the way, we will eat BBQ, sample local and exotic libations, peruse roadside junk and blaspheme continously, all of which i will be sharing with YOU, you lucky bastards and/ or Ladies of Leisure. Photos and commentary will be, by all accounts, hilarious yet poignant and unintentionally intentional. So to all my co-workers getting ready to get KILLLLLLLED by Easter weekend brunch, I bid adieu. To my lovely Wifeishungry and the Hungrychildren, I will miss you but see you on Sunday night, refreshed and with a little less stress and doo-doo stuck in my noggin. Now its time to fire up the automobile, pop on a Weird Al Mix Tape ( ALL POLKAS!!!) and get on it like doggonit. Its time to hit it or get it. Mildew or Bar-B-Que. Shit or get off the Pot, although that one doesn’t rhyme.


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  1. Robert Gregory

    Yeah, but can Minikenny go without playing Castle Age for that long??? Therein lies the real challenge!

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