If Snoopy Can Do It, I Can

Inevitably he awoke before his alarm clock beckoned him to do so. He fumbled for his glasses, finding them not in their usual resting place, but instead poking from under the bed. Shoving them onto his face he lurched towards the bathroom and relieved himself without turning the light on, then headed down the narrow hallway leading to the kitchen. After grinding his coffee beans, he began to load up his French press. It was not until that moment that he noticed the silence in the house. Absolute silence, unbroken by the normal chatter and electronic beeps from the boys. No whirl of the washing machine or hum of the dryer. No crying baby. No barking dog. Everyone was gone. He was alone and had no idea where anyone had gone. He began searching from room to room, calling their name casually at first, but more frantic as each door led to a person-less room. Finally he reached the door leading to the basement. He slowly turned the knob and pulled the door open, then descended down the steps into the darkness. A chill crept up his spine as he crept down the stairs and grasped at the light switch. He hesitated a moment before turning the lights on, as a gruesome vision and horrific thoughts ran through his head. He shook his head to rid himself of his fear and flipped the switch. He stared into the cluttered room, eyes searching for any thing out of the ordinary. Nothing looked back at him except a small unseen mouse who watched the man ascend the stairs, back up to the empty house.


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One response to “If Snoopy Can Do It, I Can

  1. Biermeister

    Hey H.P. Lovecraft meets Ratatouille,
    What does this have to do with bacon or corn pone or marinated grilled twinkies? Get your ass back up out of the bed, it’s time to make the donuts. Homer is hungry!

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