Japanese Blockprints up for Auction!



These lovely works of art make were found at a rummage sale and purchased for 110 Amurican dollars. My silent partner and I researched them thoroughly and finally decided to send them to auction at Case Antiques in Knoxville, TN. The quality of these prints is amazing: the colors are crisp and bright, the woman on the boat is particularly nice , i think. And the two smaller prints, which are matted are almost 60’s style, especially the figures in front of the temples. They almost remind me of a classic Chuck Jones cartoon, in the most sincerely flattering manner. They are part of an auction of almost 900 pieces ranging from Anna Catherine Wiley to Evidence use in the case of  James Earl Ray. I plan on attending the auction in person, if they will let po’folk in, where i will sit on my hands and make no gestures of any kind. Our woodblock prints already have 5 bids in , although i’m not totally sure how the silent bid thing works, but I assume having bids before the auction starts is probably a good thing. Check it out and pass it on, if’n you would…>


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