Children and Church

After reading a friend’s blog this morning about her son asking for proof of god, I started thinking about the whole concept of people taking their young children to church. As some of you may or may not know, I am an unapologetic atheist,  and while I do respect others right to believe and worship as they see fit, by no means do i give their beliefs any credence or hold them any more sacred than any other fairy tales. So, I am truly baffled and a little shocked at the whole idea of asking a 4, 5, 6 or year old child( or younger or older) to build the foundation of his personal worldview based upon one-sided information full of leaps of faith. Santa Claus, the ToothFairy, the Easter Bunny and the Holy Trinity all make the same amount  of logical sense. Sure kids jump on the bandwagon, but they also check under the bed for the boogieman. Plus they are also in a position where mimicking their parents wins approval, while asking tough questions about their teachings is looked down upon as being disrespectful or rude. It really seems like nothing more than indoctrination of ones beliefs into one who doesn’t have the ability to comprehend the issue at hand. If someone taught their kids to believe that Green Jello Monsters lived on the Moon and someday would come and save the Earth, people would think they are insane and call protective services. Its like  the documentaries on the Klan when they show little kids in robes parroting their parents racism: most folks look upon that as spreading malicious beliefs to children, but only because most folks disagree with those beliefs. I say, ;et your kids decide for themselves what they want to believe and do so at an age when the children can think for themselves a little bit more and aren’t ready to adapt fairy tales as a personal belief system


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