Ranting and Rambling

Its an early morning here. Bright sunlight pierces both the haze of dawn and my eyelids. Somehow the birds have acquired electric amplification for the Morning Chorus and are Townsend esque in their volume and earnestness. My mind pictures a blue jay doing the windmill but the thought is immediately chased away by the onslaught of the coming day. Don’t mistake this lament as being unique, but rather another colored block in the pattern which repeats itself ad naseum like never ending 3rd grade math homework. The gravity of the situation is evident, obvious even to the casual observer. The desire to stay in bed and let the world go away has rarely been stronger. Not since the lethargic grieving of  loved ones have i felt so laconic. My desire to rise to the challenge of the new day and the new way is the size of a match head, without the possibility of ignition or life giving warmth. Days like this require mindless navigation of roads leading nowhere, head full of nonsensical theories and malignant inquiries, while waves of sound horse tackle memories and subdue enlightenment. Brief rushes of adrenaline spurred by previously unknown hairpins curves are punctuated by tortoise treks down idyllic lanes. In a perfect world, all i would do is drive. I would be hardwired to the machine, never sleeping or slowing down. Never meeting the people who wave from their porches and the saddles of their lawn tractors. Pausing only to read the maps and atlases spewing forth from an overcrowded glovebox. Letting rants and rambles guide my way and occupy my thoughts so i don’t have to do it myself. Just follow the river’s path back to town. Look for the lights when the sun goes down. Keep your eyes on the road and your head in the clouds and your bleeding heart will jump ship eventually, seeking greener pastures without all the cow shit.



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2 responses to “Ranting and Rambling

  1. Jerry

    wow! You never cease to amaze me. You are a gifted man with many talents .

  2. Biermeister

    Steve, I can help you with your math homework. It looks like it’s stressing you out a little. Congratulations on going back to finish your education as a full grown adult… but you didn’t even finish the 3rd grade?

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