Southland Dinner is in the Books

Well we pulled it off. The dinner last night at Southland Books in Maryville, Tennessee was a success. It went smoother than our first attempt, we had a good crowd, and everyone seemed to leave happy, or at the very least the were nice enough to keep any whining to themselves. I started cooking my buns off around 9 in the morning, and finally hung it up around 10:30 with the occasional sanity saving game on Mario Kart on the Wii. I don’t know why, but nothing relaxes me more than playing Mario Kart and listening to the news on NPR which probably means I’m some kind of left wing, stimulation hound who can only block out the raging voices in his head by replacing them with computerized squawks and beeps and droning politicos waxing poetic in his ear. Or something like that. The only bad note is I woke up feeling a little puny, as they say around here, so I am going to head back to the bed and let the immune system do its thing, cause I have a long weekend ahead of me. I did manage to click a few pics this time, but most of them were blurry and awful but I picked out a couple that y’all might take a liking to.



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5 responses to “Southland Dinner is in the Books

  1. Congratulations! So glad you got pictures this time. Wish I could be there someday.

  2. thanks for the quickest response ever! and thanks…and you’re welcome anytime

  3. WOW! It all looks so good. Thanks buddy. 🙂

  4. Jerry

    Oh my, the soup was out of this world, the stuffed portabela mushrooms – oh, oh, and the chocolate cookies with bacon. Steve is not only hungry, steve is foodgenius.

  5. Okay that’s it buddy! No more teasn’ me! Now you def have to box up some of those goodies and ship it to me. LOL 🙂

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