The Dinner is Done!

Well folks, its been a very busy few weeks since my last entry culminating in our wonderful Dinner at Southland this last Thursday night. We pretty much followed the menu I posted last time and every thing pretty much went well. There were some small snafus along the way but all in all it was a success. It was so hectic and busy I did not get a single image to share with you guys, I am so sorry. The duck was superb and the aged cheddar is glorious. I should be back up and blogging very soon, so stay tuned!



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6 responses to “The Dinner is Done!

  1. Congratulations, Steve! I’m sure everything was awesome. Next time, hire a photographer!

  2. Oh Dear, no photos means you will simply HAVE to do it all again! LOL

    It would be good to hear all bout the high points and low, so that we can see what worked well with your fabulous menu and what turned out to be problematic.

    Did you have a good turnout? How did prices and servings work out ok?
    What’s it like to ‘cook” in a bookshop cafe??? .. and how big was the ‘after gig” party? ( come on, we all want to know LOL)

  3. Yes! I agree with kiwidutch. Do over! Need pictures! Happy to hear all went well. 🙂 Too bad though, it would have been nice to have pics. 😦
    You’ll get’m next time. 🙂 Right?

  4. Psst! Where did you go?

  5. Soapbird,
    a) Hopefully steveishungry is busy preparing a new spread to photograph for us.

    But b) , MrsSteveishungry is (as is sometimes referred to as) “with child” so maybe he’s busy in the nest getting things ready for a new “littlehungry” and busy helping out with the other older “littlehungry’s” .

    Hoping everything is going well with family, both there and expectant Steve. I’m sure we will get an update when he can manage one. 🙂

  6. Oh! That’s right! I forgot they’re expecting. Okay then, he may be excused. 🙂
    Thanks for the update.

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