Chocolate and Strawberry Stuffed Biscuits(scones)

This is another sweet treat made from good ol’ refrigerated biscuits, which i love except for the moment when you open them. You push your thumb into the edge of the canister until it pops and it scares me every time. These were smooshed flat and stuffed with strawberries, chocolate chips, butter and a pinch of habanero sauce. They turned out a gooey and delicious, although next time i will add less chocolate and more hot sauce.



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6 responses to “Chocolate and Strawberry Stuffed Biscuits(scones)

  1. Whoa! You’ve got my attention!! Will have my kids make this while I lounge in bed!

  2. Good Grief!
    You have to rename me “Kiwidutchishungry” after this post, Seriously, crutches or not I want to make these NOW standing on one leg!
    I’ve have to make the scone dough too of course… sigh there goes the healthy eating plan…

    • you only live once, healthy eating or not…i’d hate to be on my death bed and realize, “damn, i should have eaten more chocolate!”

      and next time ill make the dough myself…sometimes the lazy in me outweighs the cook

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