Blackened Chicken Wrap with Spinach, Vintage Cheddar and Baconaisse

I came home from a morning of muddy disc golfin’ with a powerful hunger and whipped up this little sandwich thingy. Used the oddest ingredient there i s, Baconnaise, which is bacon flavored mayonnaise. I also used the blackened chicken breast, some vintage Australian cheddar, organic baby spinach,  and a little diced tomato all wrapped up in some lavesh flat-bread. Very filling and yummy. and healthy and helping me to forget that i freaking 5 putted from 15 feet away today and threw my favorite new driver into the lake, where it floated just beyond reach. Anyway, at least it was a nice sunny day, unseasonably warm and completely free of rabid spider monkeys.



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5 responses to “Blackened Chicken Wrap with Spinach, Vintage Cheddar and Baconaisse

  1. Oops sorry to hear about the driver. Come summer maybe you can sneak in in your swimmers and retrieve it? otherwise it’s a “I-can’t-believe-I did-something-so-stupid” moment and you’ll have to grin and bear it.
    Grin though clenched teeth if it helps.
    That sandwich looks WONDERFUL… it’s way past my bedtime and even though I’m not in any way logically hungry you made my tummy rumble LOL. Serves me right for staying up late (computer has had “issues” in recent days and I’ve only just got it’s little brains back in working order, and I couldn’t get comfortable and sleep so decided to look at a long list of e-post). YUM… Qu does that Australian Cheddar actually come from down under ? and bacon flavoured mayo… wow THAT would get me to take more of an interest in Mayonnaise methinks!

  2. Biermeister

    So when I first read this post my first reaction was of course… Baconaisse! Awesome! and I wanted to inquire where to get it. Then I thought, but what if they have it at Kroger, I’ll look stupid, (as is actually the case anyway but why prove it), but hey my job is eating not cooking, and I’m lucky if I can find the pickled okra at the grocery store, so I waited and asked Iron Chef Shelley, who did not know of such things either, so I decided asking where one finds such stuff would not be silly, then I thought I can just find out by asking Google, “who” of course obliged by informing me within a millisecond the source of what must be deliciousness, so now there is no real other point to continuing this run on sentence. One question marker though… is it okay to use on my Whitt’s BBQ sandwich?

  3. SoapBird

    This looks great! I think I’ll make wraps for dinner too.

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