Late Night Snacking+ BOOBS!!!

ok, technically no boobs, just good old fashioned breasts. Chicken breasts that is, possibly the most consumed animal part in the known galaxy, possibly not. Anyway, I sliced some of them thin and gave them the flour, egg wash, bread crumb treatment, then fried the in 350 degree oil, I don;t know what that is in Celsius, ya’ damn metric system freaks!!! Anywho, I then proceeded to make awesome sandwiches with the aforementioned chicken, butter, bread(go figure), provolone cheese, avocado, spinach and Hot Thai Chili Mayonnaise!!! Everything got all hot and melty and intermingled and the end results were both satisfying and well deserved. Clean up will be delayed until the morning, just in time for  Hungrybreakfast!


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One response to “Late Night Snacking+ BOOBS!!!

  1. It’s amazing how you can put these meals together in a jiffy!Looks awesome!

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