Whitt’s BBQ in Alcoa

Grabbed some BBQ for me and the Hungryboys on the way home tonght. We opted for a new BBQ place in town, Whitt’s which I believe is a regional chain. The place is nice and clean, lots of seating and the staff was very friendly and informative. To be frank, it is a little sterile to be considered a BBQ joint in my opinion, but it is probably striving to be a restaurant instead of a “joint”. Anyway, we got pork sandwich, some chicken wings, baked beans, and mac and cheese. The BBQ sandwich was moist and tender but did not have enough of the smoky flavor i look for. Plus it was all meat, no charred crusty pieces of pork fat. The thin vinegar sauce that came with it is nice, but I question the choice of slaw, pickles and mayo for condiments. Mayo and BBQ just don’t go together( except for white BBQ sauce for chicken but that is a different story), so I got them on the side. I can do slaw on a sammy if its loaded up with a nice spicy sauce, maybe even pickles, but never, ever would i put mayo on BBQ pork. Sorry. The beans were fairly pedestrian, but nice and sweet. They could use some of the charred ends i was referring to. The mac and cheese was nice and creamy, not too sticky and downright tasty. The chicken wings were by far the highlight of them meal. The sauce seems cooked on and has a slight burn without being overpowering. Pretty straightforward seasoning and tasty, but, like the pork, no obvious evidence of the charring that comes from hours in a smoker. I suspect a smoke/roasting process is going on judging fro the crispiness of the skin at the bottom of the drummies. Smoked wings’ skins tend to pull away from the bone near the non-meaty joint. These looked more like really good oven roasted wings more than smoked ones. Of course the menu never said they were smoked, so maybe I assumed too much, Regardless, they are REALLY GOOD!!! I also sampled some Brunswick stew that was reallllllly good. Probably what i will order when i go back, and I will go back. I would rate Whitt’s a 7 out of ten, with room for easy improvement with a little more aggressive smokiness to the BBQ dishes…here are some pics!! LOO




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5 responses to “Whitt’s BBQ in Alcoa

  1. Ooh those wings have my full and complete attention!
    They look fabulous!
    As you can imagine BBQ isn’t so big here in the Netherlands, and the few places that do it produce a result that tastes nothing like what we have eaten in the USA. They are trying but have a way to go yet. Funnily enough some Indonesian restaurants pervilant here(Indonesia and NL having very strong historical connections) do have their own Asian take on BBQ… and it’s very good. It’s definitely got the spice factor LOL.

  2. Delicioso! Now that should send any strep cold flying away. đŸ™‚
    Hope you are feeling better… I came by way of SoapBird.

  3. Biermeister

    My grandparents lived in Athens, Alabama, home of the very 1st Whitts BBQ and we always made them bring us some any time they came to visit. My Granny put slaw and mayo on my samich anytime she made me one and everything she ever made for me was delicious. I cringe or become belligerent anytime I hear someone make a statement that Carolina or any other place that has a vinegar BBQ sauce has the best BBQ because the best BBQ comes from Memphis and I don’t mean Corkys or even Rendezvous (although I do love a Rendezvous Cheese plate with their dry rub) but a Whitts BBQ samich is a tasty treat and variety is the you know.

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