Picture of Me Beating My Meat

I am so, so, so sorry to everyone who happens upon this bit of sophomoric tripe, but, so help me, I could not resist.



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5 responses to “Picture of Me Beating My Meat

  1. If you are wondering why you stats suddenly spike unexpectedly for a day then I guess more people couldn’t resist either (although they are obviously less pure of thought than you and I LOL)
    I subscribe, saw the title and as a fellow foodie wise to this kitchen process, started to laugh heartily even before opening it: Truth told some of my posts also attracted more than average interest when the title are double entendre, even when I didn’t quite means it such when I wrote it LOL.
    Do you know this process as making “Escalopes” or “Schnitzels” or do you call it something else? I have confused many a person by asking for Escalopes.
    Funny Post!!!!

  2. p.s. It’s not tripe btw, it’s Escalopes!
    (sorry, couldn’t resist either!) 🙂

  3. How can anyone resist clicking on that headliner!
    Now that’s how I like my meat, served hot with all its beneficial nutrients!tee-hee….
    Glad to have you back buddy!Love the dish!

  4. when it comes down to it, most people like to eat hot meat…and nutbutters as well!!!

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