All Natural Dinner for the Hungry Boys

I made this fine spread for the Hungryboys tonight. The menu is oven fried chicken nuggets, corn on the cob, sweet peas, bacon cheddar mac and cheese and milk. Everything is organic and preservative and artificial color and flavor free. At the bidding of Missussteveishungry we have tried to remove these foul little food additives as much as possible, and it is not an easy task, between processed foods, fast food rewards from school and the occasional visit to Grandma’s house etc, etc, etc. I really wish there was an EarthFare or Fresh Market or Whole Foods in my town, but currently there is not, so shopping usually is a nightmare for the missus. Not that she shops because she is a woman, no, it is because she is smart enough not to turn me loose on a grocery store as i tend to splurge a touch more than she does, go figure.



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5 responses to “All Natural Dinner for the Hungry Boys

  1. Like you, we are trying to cut back on anything with “E” numbers and processed out of it’s wits. We are lucky and can get a lot of organic meat and veggies locally, (alas not cheap) but sometimes when life is busy the supermarket stuff is easiest. I declared WAR on commercial chicken nuggets some years ago as I was always home last and Himself does the grocery shopping and found them fast and easy to prepare for the kids. He had as much “withdrawal” from this habit as the kids but I got there in the end. It’s a balancing act and I’m trying to get the kids to appreciate cooking from scratch themselves and so be a life-long habit that will hopefully help make them make wise choices too. LOVE those gadgets that make your sweet corn look like little rolling pins LOL!
    Btw you are not alone, Himself grocery shops in our household not only because I commute, but also because letting a Foodie loose in a supermarket IS hazardous to your bank balance 🙂

  2. Hey Buddy,
    What’s new? Haven’t gotten a new dinner post all week. Hit me back soon with a new dish okay 🙂

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