Green Acres is the Place to Be

Me and the Familyishungry took a quick trip out to Green Acres flea market today. It was actually pretty dead, due to the cold I imagine, but still had plenty to look at, as well as a chance to grab some fantastic tacos al pastor. The food stands/ restaurants were lively despite the chill and the whole place exudes a lively street fair atmosphere. If you’re ever cruising down Alcoa Hwy on a weekend, stop in for some grub and bargains and lots and lots of cowboy boots. There is always new stuff to see there, and i will update my Green Acres adventures from time to time



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2 responses to “Green Acres is the Place to Be

  1. Looks like a perfect spot to spend an afternoon. Love the boots!

    • the place is a real hoot…totally random with a mexican flair but plenty of old school redneck action as well…when the weather is nicer i’ll go back and capture Green Acres in full bloom

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