Simple Lunch for a Simple Mind

For lunch today, I whipped up some steak fajita tacos for the Missus. Nothing special, just what you would expect in a taco.  I keep being amazed how good simple food can be! If you use quality ingredients, the most mundane dishes can become sublime. My good friend and BBQ trekking companion, Garyishungry, recently recounted a tale of his encounter with the theory of simple elegance in the form of a BLT.  He told of how he had decided to try a BLT from a small food vendor at the local farmers market, somehow passing up a BBQ stand. Freakin’ infidel! Anyway, he had to wait for about 10 minutes for his sandwich, and he is not known as Garyispatient. However, upon receiving and scarfing the sandwich down, he realized why he had to wait so long. The bacon was hot and cooked perfectly, and happened to be world renowned Benton’s Bacon from right here in East TN, just down the road on hwy 411. The tomatoes were freshly sliced and locally grown Grainger county tomatoes, which if you ain’t has a Grainger county tomato, then you haven’t had a real tomato. The lettuce was also local, but how excited can one get about lettuce, except maybe a tad flushed at the sound of a crisp crunch. The bread had been baked that morning, and the mayo was homemade using local eggs and quality oil. He knows all this because he felt compelled to compliment the vendor and inquire more about them. A 5 ingredient sandwich made a loyal customer out of Garyishungry and may have even forced him to chill out a little bit about having to wait. Dammit , now i really want some Benton’s bacon!!!



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10 responses to “Simple Lunch for a Simple Mind

  1. You know, no matter how complicated food gets, at the end of the day it’s the simple things your remember the most. What I wouldn’t give for a BLT!

    • i usually make a BBS: bacon, bacon and spinach…i’m just not a fan of tomatoes on sandwiches, not sure why.

      • Interesting – love spinach and bacon – never thought of it on a sandwich! Gotta try. Thanks for the blogging reminder Blogbuddy! I sorely needed that 🙂

      • i don’t really like lettuce, so i use raw spinach most of the time as a substitute…spinach salad with bacon, toasted pecans, red onions and a honey vinaigrette is one of my fave side salads and super simple…throw some strawberries and blue cheese in there if you’re feeling crazy

  2. Garytheadventurer has learned a valuable lesson: Sometimes it’s worth taking a gamble on an unknown and well worth the wait too. You win some you loose some.
    This time it paid off handsomely, he unearthed a gem and it’s a place that more and more people should know about. Look at it this way: if you and everyone you know spread the word, (a) it keeps your new discovery in business and (b) makes the competitors offer best/better quality to keep up. Win Win. Tell Garywasbrave that Garydonegood!

  3. oh, forgot to ask if there was a recipe to go with those steak fajita tacos please… they look mouth-wateringly yummy!

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