Even More Chicken Wings

I have been challenged by my blog buddy, SoapBird to a food post contest, and I took the easy way out and made everyone’s favorite, or at least anyone with taste buds, chicken wings.

These were not fried, as you can see, but were roasted and glazed after being dry rubbed. For the rub i used approximately equal amounts of the spices, except for salt where i used half as much. I find proportional recipes work with spice rubs and the like, that way you can make as much or as little as you need, just keep the ratio the same. I let the wings sit after being rubbed for a while, then into the oven they went. Notice my roasting set up: its a cookie sheet lined in foil for easy cleanup, with a cookie cooling rack on it, which just happens to fit perfectly. Works like a charm and isn’t too heavy or bulky like some roasting pans or broiler pans, and you can still use them for their intended purposes. I had the oven heated to 375, and after 20 minutes or so , i flipped them over and started giving them the glaze. The super yummy glaze is super simple and super good on wings or any grilled meats, especially shrimp. It is plain old Louisiana style hot sauce( not Tabasco) with an equal amount of honey and a good pinch or so of fresh cracked pepper, and maybe just a splash of vinegar to keep it zingy. Paint the chicken every 5 minutes or so until the sauce is gone and the wings are sticky and ridiculously aromatic. Let them rest and serve them with elegantly arranged celery slivers, 2 wings per person with a small cup of chai tea…ok , just eat the hell out of these bastards, dip them in some ranch or blue cheese or whatever mayo-based nastiness you wish, just be prepared to share if anyone else see them.

Here is the official recipe:

Salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder, chili powder, mustard powder and turmeric…1 Tbsp o’ salt, 2 Tbsp o the rest of them…this will make more than enough for this recipe and a couple more!!!

Rub into chicken wings, cover and stick in the fridge for a couple of hours to overnight

Heat oven to 375F…stick wings in that sucker

After 20 minutes, flip ’em over and mop ’em with your glaze..repeat the flip and glaze every 5-8 minutes until chicken is done, around 45 minutes in all..internal temp to 165F, of course

Eat them as fast as possible, wash down with heroic quantities of your favorite porter, or drink of choice



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8 responses to “Even More Chicken Wings

  1. Sounds (and looks) delish! Thanks for the great post, buddy. 😉

  2. At first I was thinking, only two that’s just not right. then you said what I wanted to hear even though I’m working hard at learning moderation.

    Thank you for the recipe I’m going to have to try it on shrimp. Tomorrow I’ll thank SoapBird for sugesting it.

  3. OK. this is definitely NOT the post to read when one has a loooong work shift ahead with no chance of laying their handson any half decent victuals.

    Slurp. I’m hungry!

  4. Oh! So it’s like that! You could have given me a heads up that we would post pics this week. Okay! It’s on!
    Pork Chops not on my menu until tomorrow. I will definitely be sure to post pics then. I’m going to kick your “pork chop” or should I say your wings! You chicken, hee-hee!

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