Saturday Morning and Scrambled Eggs

This is how my Grannyishungry made eggs for me when I was a young ‘un. For some reason, my folks pawned me off of the Hungry Grandparents every friday night. I assumed at the time they were off doing awesome adult things and having grand adventures, but i suspect it was more so they could have five minutes without hearing me babble incessantly about Batman or Shogun warriors or the Steelers. I would spend Friday night roaming Anderson Avenue, going down to Springbrook to ride on the Swings of Death, which were, if I recall, around 400 feet tall, and to try to ride the spinning wheel of doom and pain known as the self propelled merry-go-round. My cousin lived across the street and we would play 4 square and make recordings of radio shows using a turntable and a tape deck. I was always the disc jockey, of course.  My butt would be parked in front of someones TV in time for both the Dukes of Hazzard( FYI, I have the same birthday as John Schnieder, Bo Duke) and Knight Rider and I would always try to stay up late, but normally to no avail. However once 6 am rolled around, I sprung from the spare room and hit the remote to fire up the 25 inch color console for 7 solid hours of mind numbing animated goodness. I started off with Jot at 6, an odd religious cartoon about a talking dot, and then it was on to Rocky and Bullwinkle, maybe or maybe the 3 Stooges. They filled local space with syndicated toons untill the networks kicked in. This was before cable natch. And as i would liquify my brain and fill it with useless knowledge about the Justice League, who won the latest Wacky Races or the Laffalympics, who Thundarr had to ass-kick, who the Robotic Super Stooges would battle with( and I could go on and on and on and on and on and on, ad naseum, etc.) my Grannyishungry would prepare my all time favorite breakfast, which it still is since it is my all time favorite and this is still time. The menu was superb and simple and provided me with all i needed for a long stretch of toonage.

Cinnamon Toast, made with cinnamon sugar in a little shaker shaped like a baseball player or something like that, lots of butter and toasted on  one side only!!

Sausage links, god bless em!, if there was a god of course, but i digress and inflame.

The aforementioned pan scrambled egg.

And a tub of Coca Cola, with real sugar, and not Classic Coke…pure nectar and probably the root cause of my portliness on some level.

I would munch and watch until Wide World of Sports came on, then i knew it was time to go meet the day, unless of course they had the Globetrotters on.


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