Photography of Son of Steveishungry

So recently, the eldest Spawn of Hunger went on his first Cub Scout hike. I went to make sure he was not eaten by a bear, and because the trail , which is in a lovely part of the Smoky Mountains, is a 30 minute drive away, and as of yet, he has not gotten his license. Damn lazy 7 year old! Anyway, it was also a chance for the boys to work on their photography belt loop, which is kind of like a merit badge. The following gallery is some of Spawn of Steveishungry’s pictures. completely untouched or unassisted by me. There is also one he took of local Knoxvillian anti-hero , Todd Steed, formerly of Smoking Dave and the Premo Dopes, one of my all time favorite bands, as Todd and a buddy were entertaining a small crowd at local BBQ joint Sweet P’s, which was out of brisket for the 2nd time in a row!!! but that is another post. I think these photos are really nice and hopefully i can use them as leverage with MrsSteveishungry to buy a new camera and give him our old one. I doubt  it will work, but stranger things have happened, like Area 51 opening to the public and swines gliding thru the stratosphere


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