Spicy Grilled Chicken Fingers

Let’s see. I got me some chicken and some liquids just chock full of flavor. I cut the chicken up and let it take a bath in the alchemical mixture of the aforementioned liquid yummies. The contents of the marinade are a little off the beaten path. The Bragg’s products were introduced by MrsSteveishungry in her attempt to free our children from artificial food additives. They cider vinegar is awesome, almost a little like malt vinegar. The soy sauce alternative basically mimics soy sauce but has more of an earthy balance of flavor, and the added bonus of an alleged health benefit. Google them if you are interested. The secret vinegar hot sauce was a gift from MommaSteveishungry’s beau on the occasion of the Winter Solstice/Birth of Horace/Christmas/Kwanzaa/ Festivus/ Feast of Alvis( oh you aren’t aware of the Feast of Alvis? its only the best holiday since beer and handjob day…check this out, ya dam infidels!!   http://video.adultswim.com/sealab-2021/feast-of-alvis.html       ..anywho, back to the sauce…it came from a looooooooooow key BBQ  joint encountered by the Momma and the Beau on one of their Travels…he convinced the cook to fill an empty bottle with this delicious vinegar and peppery hot sauce BBQ sauce thingy concoction…this is the unlabeled bottle in the pics…’tis thin and spicy and peppery and just a touch of tomatoey i reckon, but ’tis only a guess…so , i think i was talking about chicken, mmm, but seriously, go watch the damn video!!! Sooooooo,   After a night resting in the briney deep, i threw the little buggers on to a raging hot grill for 3-4 minutes a side, giving them a final dousing of the secret vinegar sauce before rescuing them from the grill. Not too spicy, not too charred, very nice on a salad tomorrow, or maybe a sandwich for the missus lunch box.


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  1. seriously… now i am hungry! :”(

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