My Precious

i know japanese blades are trendy, but this kinfe is perfectly weighted and sharper than a scalpel



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2 responses to “My Precious

  1. Ooooh, You show me yours and I’ll show you mine… I have a little ceramic chopping knife that’s so sharp that I could lend to the local hospital should the need ever arise.
    I am appropriately paranoid about it and keep it in a sheath, double-boxed and up high to make it mega difficult for the kids to stumble upon it and accidentally slice an artery open, but cor blimey you should see it cut!
    It slices stewing beef like it’s butter and just about razer my tomatoes in half. Nice to see a fellow Foodie who appreciates a decent knife.
    Cool Blog! Let’s be blogging buddies! 🙂

    • i am curious about ceramic blades but havent taken the plunge..i use the santuko and a 9 inch chefs knife when im doing some serious chopping or cleaning chickens, etc…ive been reading your site…i bet you type well or use a dictation machine…never seen so many words, but i like them…i posted a link to you on my blog and will share some stuff on facebook and like it on stumble for you…have you posted today? are you trying for one a day, right? ive been stuck in the house due to snow with kids all day and i am going crazy right now!! blogging has save my sanity and probably their lives ahahaha

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