Fried f’in’ Pork Chops

I was roasting a pork loin at work today and decided to go ahead and slice off 4 chops to make a quick lunch for me and CousinSteveishungry, whom i just happen to work with. I took the Pork chops and beat them flatter than Gary Busey’s front teeth. The chops went into an egg wash, then into some seasoned cracker crumbs. They were seasoned with various spices, both malevolent and benign, and crushed to a fine crumb with a few chunks of crackers hanging around. This is where the fact that i work in a commercial kitchen comes into play. I chucked these bad boys into the deep fryer, running at 365 degress , and they crisped up and floated in a manner of minutes….i hit them with a little kosher salt ate the living hell out of them…I had three of the 4, and i think Linda was scared to ask for seconds…this dish made me think of Homer Simpson, and i truly think he would love these beyond the point of obsession…should i strive to please the palettes of cartoon characters? probably not…but i might as well, really…what would Bugs really really want? carrots? too obvious…or maybe just obvious enough…this is officially off topic



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8 responses to “Fried f’in’ Pork Chops

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  2. Those look absolutely delicious.

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