Cast Iron, man

This is my oven full of cast iron being seasoned, or further seasoned really.  The Steveishungry family has recently done away with all non-stick cookware in favor of old fashioned cast iron. The difference in how they cook is really amazing. I had used cast iron here and there i the past but not as my full time cookware. The evenness of cooking is outstanding! Plus you have a glowing hot weapon ,  f needed. The red porcelain coated one was a gift from my mom and her beau. It is a LaCrusette and it is amazing. You can really tell the difference between it and the Lodge. The smaller ones are no0name brands but still very useful. I think you can tell the age by the amount of crud cooked onto the outside of the pans. The large rectangular casserole dish is new member to the family, being a gift from the missus.  I did receive a “green” non stick pan for Xmas, but it feels like a toy compared to the cast iron. I’ll probably keep it around for cooking eggs and the like, but only begrudgingly


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