Spicy’s Original Wing Sauce circa 1989

My first real introduction to cooking for a living was at Spicy’s on the Cumberland Avenue strip(see Jaqui’s Tacos for more info) , and what we were really known for was chicken wings. We had one sauce, didn’t use any butter or oil and it was perfect. If you asked for extra hot you just got more sauce, if you asked for mild, you got less. We did all you can eat wings for 7.99 ( i think) sometimes twice a week.  The endless plates of crisp fried goodies drew in quite a collection of folks, most impressive being the groups of offensive linemen for the UT Vols. Needless to say, but i will anyway, six gentlemen averaging 300+ pounds can put a serious hurting on some chicken wings. This was before we switched to “draft” sodas and served Coke, Sprite and Grape and Orange Nehi’s in glass bottles, along with only bottled beer. and a can or two of Foster’s. So along with the mounds of chicken bones would be 30-40 glass bottles and reams of napkins. The most ever eaten at Spicy’s was by a tall lanky fellow who wolfed down 128 chicken wings in a relative blink of an eye.  I have a lot more thoughts about this place, what i learned there, both good and bad, and just the building itself. It was a Swenson’s Ice Cream parlor, and before that it was Ollie’s Trolly, which i remember my dad taking to me to when he drug me to class with him at UT. They had the best french fries  ever. Bar none. I have replicated that recipe which i will share.Then we would go next door to the Electric Wizard and play pinball and Joust and Qbert and Pengo and Gauntlet and the football game with two trackballs that would pinch your palm if you hit it too hard and just right. Anywho, here are a couple of secret recipes, revealed for the first time! BWAHAHAHAAAHAH   BWAHAHAAHAHAAA!!! (evil laugh<<<<)


1 gallon Louisiana brand hot sauce. no substitutions!!!!!

Mix together 2 TBSP of each of these:

granulated garlic

black pepper

white pepper

onion powder

Cayenne pepper

and the secret ingredient (drum roll please)…….Tiger Seasoning. yep, MSG. and i hate MSG…makes my innards churn and stuff, but without it, the sauce does not taste the same, although it is still yummy..

Mix spices to jar of hotsauce, shake it like a Polaroid picture, then let it sit for a day or so….Keeps until it is gone, which won;t be long…share with friends…

BUT STEVE< I DON’T HAVE A GALLON OF HOT SAUCE, ONLY A WIMPY FROO_FROO BOTTLE…..well, tough shit…do the math or buy more hot sauce

And i know it is a simple , simple recipe…no chipotle, no asian influences, nothing funky at all but doctored up hot sauce. but try it on some crispy, fried wings and you will be convinced…AND DO NOT BREAD YOUR WINGS!!! if you do you are an idiot. I’m sorry to say that, but i heard it from your mom.



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2 responses to “Spicy’s Original Wing Sauce circa 1989

  1. ashley

    I loved Spicy’s when I was at UT! When I worked in Dunford Hall in grad school, we use to cut out on “all you can eat” days & gorge on wings. It was best when you could get an outside table. Great memories!

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