Wings and the Rock Band

Today , myself and a couple of comrades, the Elusive GTJ and Mini Kenny, took part in a sweet little charitable disc golf event. Thanks to Mike the Director’s efforts, 600 bucks was raised for a family in need this holiday season. This kind of Karmic opportunity dies not come along too often and i jumped at the chance for redemption. The act of playing a game with my friends in the park somehow turned out to be a chance to do something nice for someone almost no one involved has ever met. We all had the chance to pay ahead a good deed while throwing frisbees ( some of the more exotic participants were witnessed drinking what looked like beer) and goofing off. Beats the hell out of working anyday of the week.

I started my round off like a man possessed, shooting 6 birdies thru the first 7 holes. Then i forgot how to hold a disc, much less throw one and my score crept closer to its normal comfort zone. I was able to hold on to a 3 under par for the day with  9 birdies,  2 bogeys and 2 double bogeys It also just so happened that i won a Rock Band set for the PS2 during the days events, thanks to a perfectly placed putter, 2 and one half foot off of the pin. Not sure what to do with it yet, but not bad booty for 2 bucks.

So i came home and made some chicken wings for my buddy Mini and his family of Mini’s Not So Much So. The little ones had weiners and such, but we had some salad, and guacamole and a bunch of sticky, slightly spicy, garlicky wings. Not very fancy or anything but a good showcase for the cast iron.  The red cast iron in the pics is a LaCruesette and it is the most amazing piece of cookware i have ever owned. It is so dense it went to Alabama public schools. It is cast so well , its nickname is fishing rod. It conducts heat so well, its also leads the Cleveland Orchestra. It can handle 5 strips of bacon better than Brian Ballenger can  count how many pieces he’s eaten. All I’m saying is, it is the finest cast iron one could ever hope to use and it is made in France. dammmit!



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2 responses to “Wings and the Rock Band

  1. Mini's other half

    Damn those were good wings!

  2. Annoyingly LaCruesette is as expensive in France as it is everywhere else… but that said, it literally lasts a lifetime, and actually if you might be lucky enough to inherit some, several lifetimes.
    Great to hear about your charity fund-raising!, Himself is recruiting some friends and sponsors for a (late) New Year’s Dip into the North Sea. Usually the Dutch do their polar swim en mass on the 1st January but one of our recruits was out of town and the another had a cold so they postponed and will do it in mid Feb. instead.
    We are busy year round to raise money for a school for the disabled in the little known central Pacific island nation of Kiribati. They are a long way off the usual Aid radar and need a little helping hand.
    Your wings look even better than finger-lickin-good!!!
    Might you have a recipe to add so that I can give them a go? Cheers!

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