Highway 11 and Mountain Dew Cobbler

Alas, this photo is an image from the past. The BBQ joint that ponied up this this plate of grub has since closed its doors, and to be honest, with good reason. It was alongside highway 11, halfway between Knoxville and Morristown, and it shared a parking lot with a produce stand. Both were sketchy looking , at best. My traveling companion and I stopped in for a quick lunch one day, after driving past it numerous times. The interior was clean and had an interesting collection of someone’s fine art work.  They had the usual assortment of smoked meats, which  turned out to be banal and not packed with flavor or creativity or soul of any kind. The sauce was bland and nondescript. The beans and slaw, if not premade, should have been. However, they did have Mountain Dew Cobbler, which i tried, and tried again, and inhaled every morsel, save one i passed on to my fellow taste tester. Sticky and sweet, warm and mushy, decadent, complex and unironically redneck.  The basic recipe is as follows:

pour a can of apple pie filling into a casserole dish, well buttered…eat some butter, what he hell

mix up some bisquick and spread on top, or do some kind of pastry, cobbler , biscuit thing if you’re fancy

pour a can of Mountain Dew on top, or a bottle even…i speculate Mello Yello would work…perhaps even Squirt or Vault

bake as usual, or as unusual, as the case may be…lower the heat if it starts to brown too much

grab a spoon and prepare to be blown away…


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