Green Acres Tacos

TN flea market style

so two tacos walk into a barrio

if you have not visited Green Acres Flea Market on Alcoa Highway lately, you are missing out on a unique local dining experience…there are at least 5 and up to 10 authentic Mexican eateries, ranging from sit down-waitress having-live mariachi band playing- restaurants to a couple-of-dudes-with-a-grill kind of taco stands…prices range from a buck a taco to 3 bucks a piece..i think i have been overcharged since i am a gringo, but i may just be paranoid…I’ve seen ceviche, shrimp cocktail, tripe, tongue, cachete( cheek), plus all kinds of aqua frescas, fruit salads, granitas, etc, etc…the whole vibe at the flea market is surreal…old time redneck trash vendors rub elbows with Latin produce stands, of which there are at least 4 each week…as i write this i realize the futility of trying to describe it all with words and the need for a trip to Green Acres with my camera and 20 bucks of taco cash…not sure if this weekend, being i have to work and its the last one before Christmas and my wife is hosting a benefit concert,  will prove to be an opportune time to explore the pork and cilantro laden realm of outer Alcoa, but i will make it a priority


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