Dinner for the missus

i know that wrapping things in bacon is almost cliche nowadays, but these turned out fantastic! if you are too jaded to enjoy one of the sticks of deliciousness, then you need to be slapped with a fish, a.k.a. corn-nobbled. i really think that the food culture that has developed has robbed a lot of people of enjoying simple, straight forward food. don’t get me wrong, i like the occasional froo-froo dish as much as the next foodie, but i really dig food that speaks to a person’s heritage and personality than the latest trends or far fetched flavor profiles

so here is a basic version of the recipe, more of a technique really

preheat oven to 325…

step one: wrap chicken tenders with bacon, one slice per tender…don’t worry if it doesn’t cover every last inch of chicken, the run off of the bacon grease will keep it all nice and moist…We have switched to all natural meats and nitrate free uncured bacon at the Steveishungry Household…the tenders are a realistic size and the bacon has a cleaner flavor which is not overpowering like some bacon can be…i love overpoweringly flavorful bacon, don’t get me wrong, just not in this recipe

step two…brown the little bundles of love in a cast iron skillet on med-low heat…we want to get the bacon cooking but not crisping…allow them to sit and cook, don’t roll them around too much

step three…after the bacon is browned nicely, transfer the whole skillet to the preheated oven…let them cook until the chick is cook ed through, 165 with a thermometer just to be safe…now you can roll them around to ensure even browning and no crispy critters

step four…brush the little buggers with your favorite BBQ sauce, i recommend Stubb’s for a store bought brand…close to homemade as you can get…cook a couple of  more minutes until sticky and a rich mahogany colored…mmmmm….mahogany….

step 5…hide your fingers cuz someone is going to bite them off trying to get these in their belly



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2 responses to “Dinner for the missus

  1. This looks great – I agree with you – I’m kinda sick of of way out food. I like simple delicious home-cooking, and this looks like it would hit the spot!

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