Carnitas de Jaqui

these carnitas are from a recipe from a sweet lady named Jaqui, whom i worked with at one of my first restaurant jobs, Spicy’s on the Strip in Knoville, TN. It was a little shack that shared a building with an awesome barcade, The Electric Wizard. We sold wings and steak and cheese sandwiches, plus the usual assortment of campus friendly grub. Everything was scratch made, due more to cheapness of the owner, who employed a family of Mexican Immigrants. They were interesting to work with , and my knowledge of Spanish curse words can be linked directly to them, as well as a recipe or two. Being on the Strip at UT means gamed days were an onslaught of people, 100,000+ flooding the streets and packing every eatery. On one homecoming Saturday, we sold over 2000 pounds of chicken wings in under 12 hours in a place that sat around 50 people, maximum. We sold them on the sidewalk out front and in the parking lot out back. It was frenetic, to say the least, but it taught me how to work in the weeds and to never work near a major sports stadium on game day.


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