Firefly Dinner

this is local, organic, free-range, frequently-told-they-were-wanted-and-respected-as-both-a-food-source-and-as-chickens-in-their-own-right, chicken halves, smoked over some local cherry wood (thanks to a certain Jeff Fisher look alike friend o’ mine)…incredibly simple, but they turned out downright mouthwatering…preparing these was a real lesson in the grace of simple food…the smoked breasts were a menu choice in a meal served in the woods, in the heart of the Smokies, during the time of the year where the fireflies flash in unison( one of only 2 or 3 places in the world where this occurs)  to the highest bidder from a charity auction…i took a risk in going rustic but it paid off…this chicken, along with some local beef, peaches, prosciutto, and much more proved to me that quality of ingredients and attention to details in the preparation outweigh fancy flourishes and overwrought and overpowering techniques…i wish i had pic of the meal itself, but i was too damn busy!!! oh , the dog is Sushi..she is an awesome Sushidoodle McSushipants and is too quick to be captured on film…the weird stone etching of a random middle eastern deity has since been removed from the backsplash replaced with a fine layer of bacon grease


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